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What are we to do?
Sometimes, things happen through our lives, that we are not happy with.  OK, sometimes, they infuriate, disgust, excite, or create any of a myriad of other reactions in us.  Sometimes mild reactions, sometimes outright fury!

And then what?

Unfortunately, so many Australians have adopted the "She'll be right, Mate" attitude and have allowed the bureaucrats and governments of this country to hijack it, committing acts of treason at times, and they have gotten away with it.

But now, things are different.  "It's NOT RIGHT MATE!"  I have had enough of being ripped off by governments that don't do as they promise, or outright LIE to us, or turn a blind eye while crimes against our once proud country are committed.

Political Guts is YOUR VOICE as well as mine.  Tell me what Political Crimes you see being committed, and let me take them to task for you.  Click on the BLOG LINK below to go through to the POLITICAL GUTS BLOG and have your say too.

Peruse this website and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 

Short of friends?  Click on the FACEBOOK link BELOW, I have many friends there, please join us.

As you read through, you will find on most pages, there are actions YOU can take to make a difference in all the policy areas I have suggested.  Take a stand, let everyone know where you stand, and they will see where they are too!

Enjoy, but most of all, contribute and help me reclaim this country for our children, from the hijackers who have it now!

Ray Jamieson


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Ray Jamieson has been invited to be the AGMATES commentator on matters financial, for business finance and investment strategies and analysis as they relate to the rural sector.  To follow the news on AGMATES, which has over 10,000 subscribers and readers daily, click on the link below.

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Ray Jamieson, the author of this site, is the director of  Executive Mastermind, a company dedicated to the genuine learning and development of people through a powerful coaching and workshop program.  It has been running since 2000.  It has launched the careers and businesses of many graduates and is a proud achievement of Ray Jamieson.  To visit the EM website and learn more about Ray Jamieson and why he is the type of person to create a website such as Political Guts, click here.

Putting the pressure on our politicians and leaders, to take the decisions that need to be taken right now, to solve the problems we have, that we already know how to solve!