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Is it something we caused?  Or was it happening anyway?

Climate change as a result of human effects on the planet and its ecosystem is much debated as to whether the current escalating changes are part of the natural cyclical patterns or actually caused and/or accelerated by the human activity of the last 500 and particularly the last 100 years.

There is also a huge debate on whether Carbon Dioxide is the cause or the effect of climate change, and considerable evidence that it is more than likely an effect.

Real science now, as opposed to the largely politicised quasi scientific looking reports of the IPCC, suggests that CO2 is not the issue, and the global warming has reversed, and that global cooling is more of a threat than global warming. 

News footage shows that ice shelves have broken off in Antarctica and at the North Pole, the Arctic Ice could have thawed this year.  The reason for those cyclical events is that ocean currents flowing under them are changing and that is where the melting effects are caused from.  The reality is that continental ice packs are increasing in Antarctica, and across Canada, the Great Lakes were frozen deeper and longer this year than in recent history.  Meanwhile, the sea around Tasmania was some degrees warmer this year, due to a changed ocean current relationship there.  Ocean currents are a force far greater than we will ever learn to control.  Melting of sea ice has little effect on the ocean levels, as that ice is currently 90% submerged in the water anyway.  It would require the melting of the land ice in places like the Antarctic and Alaska to have any influence on sea levels due to ice melting.

A recently published research document surveying Pacific Ocean and other islands over the last 60 years shows that sea level rise is a myth, it is propaganda, and that many islands show lower sea levels around them than some decades ago!  Sea levels are actually stable, and the islands of the Pacific Ocean that are sinking, are actually sinking, independently of the ocean levels!  That's what islands do!  New islands have been formed and some quite violently, in the Pacific Rim waters in the last decade, and have been recorded on news video footage.  Other islands have also erupted as volcanoes and vanished!   This is how our planet, Earth, is still evolving, and these forces are way beyond the ability of man to influence or change.

Volcanic activity alone puts more soot and carbon dioxide and other pollutant chemicals into the atmosphere in dangerous solid form than man could put into the atmosphere over the same time period, and we have many continually active volcanoes around the planet right now.  Just look at the Pacific Rim regions from Google Earth to see the clouds of smoke billowing from them, visible from space!

More famous recently is the 2009 eruption of the volcano in Iceland!  It spewed thousands of tonnes of molten rock and lava into the atmosphere, to the extent that for the first time ever since man took aeroplanes into the sky, air traffic over Europe was halted.  There was too much carbon soot, volcanic ash, floating around in the sky!  And not a power station to be seen - it was all 'natural'...  It was natural geology at work, just as it has been since time on earth began.  In comparitive terms, in the first months, this single volcano created more "Carbon Pollution" than man did in the previous two years!

Regardless of the outcomes of this fruitless argument, there is not and there can never be any excuse for the pollution and damage we are inflicting on the planet through our activities of:

·        Waste dumping

·        Household and domestic rubbish

·        Chemical pollutants

·        Aerial and atmospheric pollutants

·        Soil degradation

·        Destruction of river systems

·        Destruction of the forests

·        Destruction of individual ecosystems and linked ecosystems

Even if none of these environmental acts of vandalism contributed to the planet’s global warming and cooling cycles, there is still no justification of them.

Not now.  Not ever!


Listen for news articles about surprising natural phenomena, such as ice shelves breaking up years earlier than the worst forecast, polar bears in the wrong place, unusual weather patterns and volcanic activity, and then look behind them for the explanations.  Become more informed about them.

Do a search for "ACTIVE VOLCANOES AROUND THE WORLD" and find out how many there are.  This search brought up a million plus pages on Google.

Choose environmental options including household chemicals that are less damaging to the planet.  Learn the difference.

Go to bat for biodegradable plastic bags, to reduce landfill problems and dangers to our marine life.  Ask for them in your supermarket.

Subscribe to newsletters and articles about the subject, and contribute wherever possible.  Be aware of "green AGW propaganda" though.  Search out the truth.

Join local action groups that clean up the planet, such as Clean Up Australia.  Learn about Ian Kiernan, the founder of Clean Up Australia Day.

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