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The Rights of the Australian Family and the Citizens of Australia

The Australian Family has certain rights and opportunities, to which they are entitled.  These are:


  1. The right to live in peace, as a family unit, creating relationships and friends
  2. The right to the opportunity to choose a career and a means of creating a living income and grow it into wealth
  3. The right to be safe in their homes, their living and work environments
  4. The right to become more than they are, with opportunities for further education, growth and development and improvement in their circumstances
  5. The right to laws that protect them from unscrupulous people and organizations
  6. The right to products that do as they are advertised to do, and to do it for a reasonable period of time
  7. The right to a government that protects their national interests, creating a safe and wealthy environment for them to live, as citizens of the planet
  8. The opportunity to live on a planet with a climate and environment that is clean, safe, healthy and regenerative
  9. The right to live in safety from attack by neighbouring countries, towns, nations or governments
  10. The right to travel and enjoy the experiences and beauty of the whole planet without jeopardising their own lifestyles and lives at their homes
  11. The right to relocate and move home if they choose


The Australian Family has a single obligation:

  1. The obligation to contribute to the Australian way of life by being a true citizen and protecting the rights of every other Australian Family in the way they expect to be protected under their rights and opportunities.


The Australian Government has the obligations to ensure that its government of the Australian nation, economy and all of the levels, systems and branches of government in Australia facilitate the opportunities for each Australian citizen to be one of a family and enjoy every one of these rights and opportunities, and to protect them from anyone who would deny them those rights and opportunities.


In the event that any person, or any public servant, or branch of the government is obstructionist in this simple obligation and either does not facilitate these rights and opportunities, or does not protect Australian Citizens and Families from those who would deny them these rights and opportunities, is by definition, treasonous and guilty of the crime of Treason.


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