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The education revolution that is really required

Australia is a single, large country, with a small population density.  Currently, we have a different curriculum and different rules applying to each state, although we are all citizens of the one country.  Entry ages, exams, and many other core features of the systems differ from state to state.  As yet, no common sense reasons for these variations have been put forward.

Dialogue has been ongoing for many years about standardising the education system throughout Australia.  However, each state pushes its own barrow and refuses to allow another state to appear to be favoured over their standards, each believing it has the superior standard.

Currently, everything is duplicated in each state, as well as in the federal portfolio.  The duplication not only costs money, it costs time and the Chinese Whispers that prevail means that the messages sent from the teaching front have not only different levels of bureaucracy to get through, but totally different and often competing administrations to communicate through also.  If those administrations also happen to be on different sides of politics, it compounds matters even further.

It is time a stand was taken, the education system centralised in areas of curriculum, funding, teacher training and employment.  Our children are our future, and the best education they can get is most likely a blending of the best parts of everything available right now.  However, while ever the states are competing, it’s improbable that agreement, consensus or even compromise could ever be reached.

Nationalising the complete education system, from training the teachers to teaching the students, funding and administration, curriculum development and everything else in the education department will by default also provide a standardised examination system, standardised qualifications, TAFE or other tertiary institution education preparation standards, and an enormous streamlining and cost effectiveness program.

The physical buildings and equipment will be transferred to the federal department.  All staff will become federal award employees, retaining their pay structures and conditions, but answering to a federal minister only, with regional offices administering those local regions, within the single, standard system.

This change will enable other, beneficial changes to be introduced, such as introducing different and more relevant educational topics such as business planning, financial education, entrepreneurship, personal development, and other such topics, in addition to the core topics of English, maths, geography, history and science, at relevant times throughout the educational process.

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